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Sunday, June 13

Zombies vs. Unicorns

Apparently, Zombies vs. Unicorns is an age old question that needs answering, well at least according to Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier.  Their new anthology of zombie and unicorn short stories by some of the best writers in the YA paranormal and fantasy field attempts to answer once and for all which is greater: the zombie or the unicorn?  Holly supports the unicorn and Justine the zombie as they quip at each other throughout the book.  Their comments alone make this book worth reading. 

In a few stories I had some confusion over gender until at least midway through and a few in which I didn’t really bond with the protagonist.  There were a few standout tales, including “Princess Prettypants” by Meg Cabot and the cleverly titled “The Care and Feeding of Your Baby Killer Unicorn” by Diana Peterfreund.  Perhaps if I liked zombies or unicorns, I would have enjoyed these stories more.

Overall: B+ 

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