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Saturday, April 9

Troy May have Fallen, but It is Not Dead

Starcrossed-Josephine Angelini

I didn’t know it when I started reading, but I’ve been waiting all my life for this book.  You think I’m being melodramatic, but I’m not. I read it twice in the past two days. What makes Starcrossed so unbelievable?  Well for starters it makes Greek Mythology modern and convincingly brings it into the paranormal romance/young adult genre in a way that others have not achieved.

Using the Trojan War and the love of Paris/Helen as it’s origin point, Starcrossed is as epic as Homer’s Illiad and Odysseythat is at its core. The hallmarks of Greek mythology are all there—lust, envy, rage, revenge, love, loyalty, and pietas. Angelini improves upon the classic tale greatly, notably making the modern characters far more endearing than their ancient counterparts. The end leaves us with both gravitas and the promise of a future quest. Between beguiling adults, burdened teens, and fated destiny unfolding, the only thing that’s missing (as of yet) are the meddling gods. I don’t yet have words for how excited I am to read the second book.

I pre-ordered my copy because this is one book that MUST be in every YA and paranormal fan’s library.  You can get yours here

With the release of Starcrossed and Kelly Keaton’s Darkness Becomes Her, dare I hope that Greek Myths are the next big thing in YA?

Overall: A+

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