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Wednesday, September 26

The Lost Prince

The Lost Prince- Julie Kagawa

Julie has done it again! The Lost Prince is a continuation of Iron Fey series focusing on Ethan, Meghan’s younger brother. OH EM EFF GEE is this book awesome. If you’re a fan of the Iron Fey you’re going to have plenty of beloved characters return, some great references to previous books and in particular the novellas, and best of all you get to return to the amazing Never Never Julie has created for us.  Let’s all take a moment to appreciate Ethan who while damaged by the fey (who wouldn’t be!) is totally swoon worthy and heroic. He is self-sacrificing, protective, brave, and at times a petulant child. I found his voice to be particularly interesting, actually far more so to me than Meghan’s was I think. His trusty sidekick and love interest is probably my favorite current heroine in any book series right now, Kenzie. Girlfriend is tough as nails and slow to reveal her vulnerabilities. I’ve decided we’re soul sisters. My heart’s already breaking for the two of them because it’s hard to see how they can possibly have a happy ending. The Lost Prince is a great start to Ethan’s story and I for one cannot wait to find out what twists and turns Julie has up her sleeve for this one!

Overall: A+

The Lost Prince is due out October 23rd from Harlequin Teen. Pre-order your copy here.

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Wednesday, July 27

Winter is Coming

The Iron Knight-Julie Kagawa

Winter is coming.  This is the only time I’ll ever be excited about that phrase.

The first thing that struck me as I began reading The Iron Knight was how much I missed Meghan Chase’s voice. It didn’t take long however before I loved Ash’s narration just as much.  The best part is that the story endeared both Ash and Puck to me. We learn more about their past, their current tension, and the future of their friendship. There were interesting plot twists, fun friendly banter, and an eclectic group of characters.  I love where Kagawa went with the concept of memory tied to existence and all the “what ifs” of humanity for Ash. I don’t think there could have been a better ending to the Iron Fey than The Iron Knight. I highly recommend it to fans of the fey and male protagonists alike.

Overall: A

The Iron Knight is due out October 25th.  You can pre-order your copy here.

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This eGalley was provided gratis by Harlequin Teen via NetGalley.

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