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Thursday, June 30

Steampunk Princess

The Girl in the Steel Corset- Kady Cross


I wanted to LOVE Girl in the Steel Corset, because everyone else does and because I met and had a bonding moment with Kady Cross at BEA (we are both Kathryns!). While I didn’t love it, I did like it.

The ideas behind the book are great, both in plot and setting. The steampunk aspect provides opportunities to explore interesting questions. I particularly enjoyed the exploration of the division between human and monster and the Jekyll and Hyde part of human nature. In fact, the connection to the Jekyll and Hyde story was a smart one and I’m pretty sure there’s a headnod to Journey to the Center of the Earth. There are inquiries about science, progress, and evolution as well and these technology reliance questions are so apropos for the modern age. The Girl in the Steel Corset is certainly a book that gets you thinking. I LOVE THAT!

I had problems with the fact that every where you looked was a love triangle. That is just totally unrealistic. I’m sorry but there is no way in real life that Griff, Jack and Finley have a love triangle as well as Renn, Sam and Em. Love triangles are so overdone these days and neither of these was believable to me.  Finley’s interest in Dandy seemed haphazard, and we don’t explore emotional ties to either male character in enough detail to have them be a credible love interest for her.  Instead we have surface level development and the sense we just have to accept this conflict without knowing the why behind it.  I hope that in the sequel there will be more depth and exploration of Finley, Renn, and Griff in particular. 

Overall: A-

The Girl In the Steel Corset is out now! Get a copy here.  You can get the exclusive prequel The Strange Case of Finley Jane for FREE!

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This book was provided gratis by Harlequin Teen at BEA.

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