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Friday, June 10


So if you follow me or James Dashner, author of the The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure, on Twitter then you know that I suggested he form an army and well, he did.  I’m a General, obvs. Our ranks are growing on Twitter and you can join the army by tweeting with the #dashnerarmy hashtag.  But I digress.

The real reason I am posting is because the newest #dashnerarmy mission is to create the first official merchandise for the Dashner Army Cafepress store!  

The Contest: Create a slogan and/or design for the #dashnerarmy.  Obviously we encourage things related to the Maze Runner series.

The Rules: Designs must be original.  You can submit as many as you want either via link on twitter (make sure both I @verbvixen and @jamesdashner are cc’ed on it). Or you can submit them via email to The Contest is open until June 30, 2011.  Winners will be chosen at the sole discretion of Verb Vixen and James Dashner.

The Prizes: The winner gets a. bragging rights, b. their design on the first official merch in the cafepress store, c. a swag pack from me including a signed copy of the first chapter of The Death Cure! The prize will include other materials, including but not limited to 1 other dystopian ARC (its a surprise yo!), autographed bookmarks from other YA authors, pins, and various sundry items.  I will also pre-order your copy of The Death Cure! Runners up will also receive prizes; I’m in a giving mood.

Props to Josh David Galloway (@joshdgalloway) who pointed out this need and thus inspired this contest. Follow him and all the #dashnerarmy members on twitter by following our official #dashnerarmy list.

Get Creative!


General V.V.

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