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Wednesday, February 16

Paradise Found

Return to Paradise- Simone Elkeles

I’m not one for sappy romances and cliche conversations.  Though Saving Paradise is full of both, somehow, it’s okay because you love the characters so much and the story is so interesting that you don’t mind the mushy emo feelings stuff.  I found the end to be both sweet and dramatically unrealistic, but somewhere deep in my icicle of a heart, I’m glad there’s a happy ending for Caleb and Maggie. 

Overall: A-

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Tuesday, August 31

Leaving Paradise

Leaving Paradise- Simone Elkeles

This was a great book with fantastic characters and a realistic plot.  There was even an amazing plot twist about midway through.  It was a great book…until the last three pages.  Seriously, what a depressing ending.  NO thank you.

Perfect Chemistry was better.

Overall: B-

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Wednesday, August 25

Perfect Chemistry

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Perfect chemistry was the perfect book to combat my post-Mockingjay depression.  Often I find it hard to relate to characters who make terrible life decisions like going gangs or doing drugs, but Elkeles does a masterful job of creating complex and dynamic protagonists.  The novel blends harsh realities with a happily ever after romance to find equilibrium.  And it definitely teaches the reader about thermal chemistry: its hot.  Was that joke too nerdy?

Overall: A-

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