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Thursday, June 14

When You Were Mine

When You Were Mine- Rebecca Serle

When You Were Mine

Shut the front door! We all know I’m a Shakespeare junkie, but you probably didn’t know that Romeo and Juliet was the first play I ever read (I was in 7th grade). I loved it from the very first words and I still have the prologue memorized. But as I aged and grew out of my romantic naivete my reading of Romeo and Juliet changed. Those starcrossed lovers are BATSHIT CRAY YO. That coupled with the complete and utter idiocy of the adults give us the real tragedy that is Romeo and Juliet. So when I heard about When You Were Mine, I knew it was going to be right up my alley. Rebecca got everything right making Romeo and Juliet a contemporary- from setting, to scenarios, down to every single emotion. By placing it in Roseline’s point of view we get to see “the lovers” in all their flaws and missteps. Even better Rosaline’s story is the far more interesting one—-about heartbreak, guilt, choice, and forgiveness.  This story made me cry not once, but twice which is practically an impossible feat. This is a MUST READ this summer for the beach, the pool or the commute to the office. 

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Overall: A+

When You Were Mine is out now from Simon Pulse. You can order your copy here.

Follow Rebecca on twitter @rebeccaaserle or check out her website here.

ARC provided free from Simon Pulse.

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Wednesday, June 8

Hell Hath No Fury

Fury- Elizabeth Miles


 Fury is the story of several teenagers and the tangled web they weave of their lives.  At its core is revenge, karma, justice, relationships, and a dash of Greek myth.  The plot is driven by an overwhelming sense of anticipation; you know something strange is going to happen, something bad, but you don’t know when.  This anxiety pushes the reader forward propelling them through the plot. I enjoyed reading about Chase, Sasha, Em, JD, Zach, and Gabby despite my heart palpitations.

The end brings even more uncertainty with questions like What are the consequences of Em’s decision? What is up with JD? Can Em really teach the Furies a few things about revenge? In addition to the urgent plot, there are some insightful pieces of advice in the book. For example, "Pay more attention to where cliques hang out for next time you’re being homicidally stalked by someone" (p290). Those, my friend, are words to live by. 

Overall: A-

The book is due out in August. You can preorder your copy here.

Arc provided gratis by Simon Pulse at BEA.

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