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Wednesday, June 13

Cowboy Boots and Coming of Age

Queen of Kentucky- Alecia Whitaker

 The Queen of Kentucky

The Queen of Kentucky gave me all the feelings! Finally, a “coming of age” YA that didn’t seem boring or awkward or preachy. Ricky Jo struggles to become who she wants to be while balancing who she is in a way that rings true to my own experience as a teen. The price of popularity is high, and the things that shape us and make us who we are are often not worth that price. The story not only captured social ambition, peer pressure, romance, and friendship but it tackled domestic violence with emotional subtlety. I related to Ricky Jo, wanted to hug her through her ups and downs, and tell her in the end it would all be alright. Best friend Luke could not have been more endearing either. With a great message and great writing, I think Queen of Kentucky is a perfect read for pre-teens headed to High School, teens in High School, and anyone who has ever been to High School.

Overall: A

Queen of Kentucky is out now from Poppy.  Order your copy here.

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