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Monday, October 17

When a Faerie Loses Her Wings

Radiant Desire- Inara Scott


You know how I love Inara Scott’s young adult series Delacroix Academy. Well, good news for adults, her romance series is awesome too. True to Scott’s hallmark easy to read style, Radiant Desire (Handmaid’s Seduction #1) is everything you want from a paranormal romance and more. In addition to heart-palpitating chemistry and some steamy scenes that will leave you weak in the knees, there are serious explorations of love whether familial, romantic, or philia. The plot is at times incredibly moving with a focus on humanity and the kindness of strangers.  If there’s one thing you take from this book let it be the sentiments of “I love you and I’m sorry.”  The cover is stunning too! Radiant Desire is sure to delight romance fans, faerie fans, and paranormal fans across the board.  

Overall: A

Radiant Desire is out NOW from Entangled Publishing! Get your copy here!

ARC provided by Inara herself! THANKS INARA! Follow her on twitter @InaraScott or on her website here.

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Friday, May 20

Hard Bitten

 Hard Bitten- Chloe Neill

Neill has done the unthinkable in Hard Bitten. I can’t even talk about it because I don’t do spoilers.  Let’s just say I am still LIVID. FURIOUS. IRATE. ENRAGED. and DEVESTATED.

I can’t even imagine where the story goes from here, but I hope she gets really creative to revive our broken hearts. All I know is, Merit and I deserve a better end than that.

Overall: A- if I overlook my emotions and judge the story/writing.

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Sunday, December 5

Warning: this is a post about werewolves

Once in a Full Moon- Ellen Schreiber

I’m not really a werewolf YA paranormal romance girl.  I mean there are exceptions- 13 to Life, Sisters Red, and Shiver, but other than that I’m sort of indifferent about the whole werewolf trend.  Once in a Full Moon was a werewolf story I can get behind.  In under 200 pages, Schreiber transforms herself into one of the best of the bunch in werewolves far exceeding her original series Vampire Kisses.  Rather than a pure paranormal romance, the book provokes thought on friendship, class division, societal expectations, and the importance of charity and service.  Ultimately, it’s short, sweet and packs a thoughtful punch.

Overall: A

Advanced Readers Copy provided free by NetGalley

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