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Tuesday, March 29

Falling Under

Falling Under- Gwen Hayes

I think I underestimated this paranormal romance when I picked it up.  In fact, until about mid-way through I was convinced it was a completely different story than it was.  While I’m sort of over the whole demon thing, Hayes does a fantastic job of making her story new by incorporating interesting and infrequently used mythology (nightmares). The story hints of the influence of Lewis Carroll as there is something distinctly “Alice” about Theia and Under. Certainly the plot between Theia and Haden is riveting enough to hold a readers attention on its own (hat tip for the name choice here being so close to Hades).  Add to that the struggling dynamic between child and parent for a worthwhile read.

Hayes’ prose is at times brilliant and beautiful, often when you least expect it:

"I tumbled through the darkness, awakening in my own bed with a stranger’s heart beating in my chest."

Overall: A

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