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Friday, May 20

Hard Bitten

 Hard Bitten- Chloe Neill

Neill has done the unthinkable in Hard Bitten. I can’t even talk about it because I don’t do spoilers.  Let’s just say I am still LIVID. FURIOUS. IRATE. ENRAGED. and DEVESTATED.

I can’t even imagine where the story goes from here, but I hope she gets really creative to revive our broken hearts. All I know is, Merit and I deserve a better end than that.

Overall: A- if I overlook my emotions and judge the story/writing.

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Thursday, March 10

I Can See Clearly Now The Rain is Gone

Clarity- Kim Harrington

Well actually, the rain isn’t gone; it just got here, but it makes me feel better pretending it is gone.  Besides the song title vaguely relates to Clarity and seeing and psychic powers. Or it does in my head, so shut it.

Harrington’s debut novel, Clarity, kept me on the edge of my seat from the very first page.  Being from a summer town myself, I appreciated the Massachusetts Cape setting. As for the plot: it is full of mystery, suspense, drama, and two cute boys. Clarity has everything a reader could possibly want. 

Did I mention Clarity herself yet? Cause Clare is bitchin’.  She’s a strong, independent, intelligent, and fearless heroine. Her tough exterior is balanced perfectly by her internal vulnerability. She also has a psychic power, the ability to read objects and learn people’s secrets, which is kind of cool. I hope that Clarity is quickly followed by a sequel; you can’t leave us with the threat of someone who’s feeling “are not born of affection but of sickness,” and NOT tell that story. 

Overall: A

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Thursday, October 7

When I Read Adult Things I Like to Read…

Haunt Me Still- Jennifer Lee Carrell

OK let me preface this review by saying if you haven’t read her first book, Interred with their Bones you need to go read it.  Like right now.  No, seriously, go get it. 

Jennifer Lee Carrell is utterly brilliant as a writer with plot twists you never see coming.  I mean, we’re talking way better than Dan Brown since the subject of her books is occult Shakespeare not conspiracy theorist religion.  Additionally, Kate Stanley could take Robert Langdon any day of the week.  Carrell is capable of some stunning prose to boot.

Haunt Me Still is the second installment with our leading lady Kate Stanley.  This novel centers around the Scottish Play, Macbeth, its curse, murders and ritual magic.  LOVES IT. 

You should read this book if:

1. You like Shakespeare.

2. You like mysteries, thrillers, suspense, historical fiction or action adventures.

3. You like anything Scottish.

4. You have even a budding interest in language or linguistics—particularly Anglo- Saxon, Welsh, Gaelic. (I’m looking at you Leslie!)

5. You enjoy well written books with fantastic plot arcs and beautiful prose (that’s you Hal!).

6. Cause I said so.  Clearly the most compelling of the reasons!

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Thursday, July 1

Here’s the thing about hype

So when people start raving about books, when they start creating this insane hype about them, nine times out of ten I am disappointed when I read them.  This has happened to me twice in the past week.

First, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, yea its ok but it wasn’t life changing guys.  It was long and at points dreadfully boring. Hype fail.

Then everyone was raving about Holly Black’s new book White Cat (Curse Workers Book 1), and I was so excited to read it.  Don’t get me wrong, the book is good but I figured out the plot pretty early on, and I kind of think that most of the characters are d-bags.  Only the main character isn’t morally bankrupt, and maybe grandpa though the jury is still out on that one.  I have to give Black propts for her clever creation of the curse worker world, but I don’t know that this alone lives up the hype I have heard.  Hype fail.

Overall: Hype just raises your standards and disappoints you in the end.

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Thursday, April 8

In The Woods

Tennyson once wrote of Nature “red in tooth and claw” and Tana French’s In The Woods really brought the terrifying aspect of Nature home- both human nature and the forest. 

This detective story opens with some of the most beautiful prose.  French certainly has a way with words.  She also has a way of leaving her readers, well at least me, completely and utterly infuriated.  First of all, I figured out a critical aspect of the plot the second it occured, maybe 100 pages in, while our brilliant detectives didnt get to it for 200 more pages.  My real annoyance came at the close of the book when only one of the two mysteries are solved.  How very unsatisfying.  And lets just say, don’t look for the happily ever after ending either.

Overall: A for writing, downgraded to a B because of the endings.

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Sunday, March 28

Oscar Wilde Confrontations

I love Oscar Wilde and this week, I was all about reading mystery stories so when I saw Oscar Wilde and the Dead Man’s Smile by Gyles Brandreth at my local library, I immediately picked it up.  I was not disappointed.  I suspected certain characters but in no way shape or form did I figure out that plot. Company of Thieves got this books plot dead on with their lyric from “Oscar Wilde”: We are all own devil and we make this world our hell. The writing was so Oscar Wilde in content and sound and often with some amazing quotes.  Overall, it was a good period mystery piece, and I definitely recommend it.

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