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Tuesday, February 2

You know you’re into Mermen ever since you watched The Little Mermaid

Sea Change- by Aimee Friedman

The characters- The ever reasonable and scientific Miranda and the mysterious beach boy Leo make a great pair, even if there is something fishy about him.  Their passion is undeniable.  Even though the book doesn’t go beyond first base, it’s hot.  Like you may need to take a cold shower hot.

Plot- Summer loving happen so fast. Who doesn’t love a good summer romance? Though I saw the plot twists coming, it didn’t make them any less viable.

Writing- Please see the part about the cold shower above.  HOT HOT HOT!

Ending- This was the only frustrating and unsatisfying part of the whole book.  It barely started, how could it end? And like that! Now where is the sequel, so I can feel like their story is finished not barely begun.

Soundtrack Song:Jack Johnson “Bubble Toes” and Datri Bean “Sweet Tea”

Overall: A-

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