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Monday, June 25

A Midsummer’s Nightmare

A Midsummer’s Nightmare- Kody Keplinger

A Midsummer's Nightmare

So just go buy A Midsummer’s Nightmare right now, and then read my review okay? Whitley Johnson is a girl after my own heart who happens to wake up in a nightmare of a situation. A little bit, erm, sassy (I’m thinking of a word that rhymes with witch), in emotional denial, and stronger than she gives herself credit for being. She may actually be my favorite of all of Kody’s leading ladies (see The Duff and Shut Out) because she’s kind of a hot mess but working through that emotion to something more. There to help her out is a sassy gay best friend, a sweet little step-sister, and Nathan. Oh, Nathan. Nathan and Whitley aren’t your typical romance but I love them even more for being what they are. The story is believable from the dysfunctional dad to over partying to cyber-bullying.  All in all, it was a PERFECT summer read for me and one that I will come back to again and again like all of Kody’s books.

Overall: A

A Midsummer’s Nightmare is out now from Little Brown.  Get your copy here.

Follow Kody on twitter  @Kody_Keplinger or on her website here.

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Friday, July 2

What do you do when you live forever?

Immortal Beloved- by Cate Tiernan

What do you do when you live forever? If you are an immortal like Nastasya, you binge drink, go shopping, live in style and try to keep yourself amused. That is until your best friend does something so horrible that you flee from him and your life. 

While Nastasya does her soul searching at an organic farm in Massachusetts, she undergoes some profound realizations about who she is, was, and ultimately who she wants to be.  I relished every minute as Nas confronted past demons, embraced a powerful heritage and fell in love in this first book of the trilogy.  I liked the characters and plot, and I am anxious about what will happen if and when Incy finds her.  I am definitely hooked and will be reading the next two books.  The cover could use some work though.

Immortal Beloved is out in September so be sure to put it in your Amazon wish list.

Overall: A

Arc provided gratis by Little Brown and Co.

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