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Thursday, May 19

Dark Descendent

 Dark Descendent- Jenna Black

Black is at home in Urban Fantasy with the first book in her Dark Descendant series. I can honestly say this was a riveting book and a welcome addition to the Greek mythology trend. Nikki Glass is kick ass and apparently a rare breed. The classic good vs. evil plot, is updated by a modern feud of descendants vs Olympians. Rather than black and white morality, we explore almost every shade of gray in the relationships and characters. Some you hate, some you love, and some you aren’t quite sure where your feelings lie. I’m hooked.

Overall: A-

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Thursday, April 29


Glimmerglass by Jenna Black Dana

Dana is an American teenager who is forced to take care of her alcoholic mother. When she reaches the breaking point, Dana runs away to her father, a powerful Fae lord in Avalon, England. Politics, romance, friendship and family drive this plot. I found the budding romance to be a little Romeo and Juliet-esque and LOVED every second of it!  Though I have a few issues with the ending, I am quite sure that they will be addressed in the sequel. I heartily recommend this book which should be out May 25th.

 Soundtrack Song: Audioslave, “Be Yourself”.

Overall: A

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