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Saturday, March 12

Never Was There A Story of More Woe

Juliet- by Anne Fortier

At this point you could probably put something Shakespeare in just about any book and it would make me like it, but Juliet surpassed this by miles as stunning tale of the origins of the Romeo and Julietstory and it’s modern day impact on descendants of the families. Set in Sienna rather than Verona, and with an interesting twist in the family feuds, I loved everything about this re-imagined tale.  Full of much more intrigue than the first, Juliet melds historical fiction, modern romance, a bit of the paranormal, gangsters, two sets of star-crossed lovers, and at least 4 plot twists. Fortier kept me turning pages late into the evening because I couldn’t go to sleep not knowing how it ended. 

Overall: A

Note: This is not a YA book review, because sometimes I need to read adult things too.

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