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Tuesday, May 3

Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On: So Silver Bright & My 1000th Post

So Silver Bright (Eyes Like Stars Book 3)- Lisa Mantchev

Now I know, you’re all itching for some juicy tidbits as to what happens in this book. I will not give them to you, so stop the begging. You must read them for yourself. They must be experienced; you must revel and rage as I did reading them. I will say this though: it was not until the ending that I realized how I had pinned my hopes on our heroine and a leading man until I found those hopes dashed. At the same time, the end fulfills my definition of love (to will and to work for the good of another) to such perfection that you cannot possibly be angry, only a bit bereft like Beatrice herself. 

To be quite honest, I have nothing but praise, delight, and awe for Lisa Mantchev who with Eyes Like Stars and Perchance to Dream enchanted me as though she was Puck in a Midsummer Night’s Dream. Over the course of the series, Mantchev does what the Shakespeare himself could not; her glittering golden characters express the full range of human emotion within the arc of a single story (or three if we count each book separately). Either way, it is a feat to behold. The engaging plot, which is at times hilarious and others heartbreaking, is highlighted by the exceptional quality of the writing. Allusions to Shakespeare and other notable authors hide in plain sight within the text making this not only an enjoyable read but a smart one. Finding these allusions amongst Mantchev’s own scintillating prose became a puzzle to be conquered, a self-test for a literati such as myself. I delighted in every second of it. 

My only fault with the series is this: that it could not go on infinitely with book after captivating book.

So Silver Bright is out in stores September 13th. Pre-order your copy here.

Overall: A+

ARC provided free by Feiwel and Friends

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