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Wednesday, January 2
Crimson Frost review below!

Crimson Frost review below!

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Crimson Frost

Crimson Frost- Jennifer Estep

I am so INVOLVED in the Frost series it is not even funny. I’d give up a letter to go to Hogwarts if I could go to Mythos instead.

Our gypsy girl, Gwen, has grown so much and it is wonderful to watch her progression from misfit to heroine over the course of these books. She isn’t perfect but she is so relatable and endearing. Her supporting cast is hard to beat too—Daphne, Carson, Logan, even that insult spouting sword Vic. Crimson Frost picks up where Dark Frost left off, and we FINALLY have a first date between Gwen and the Spartan Logan. Well what happens on this first date defies imagining. If you’re on the side of good, and you ought to be, you spend most of this book annoyed and frustrated at red tape, idiot adults and moronic bureaucratic processes. That being said, throughout this book I felt Gwen was closer to disaster than all the previous ones. Not only is there a threat to her life, but there is a questioning of her character, her intentions, her self. As always though, Gwen faces her trials with grace and unrelenting determination. I loved every second of it. I will warn that the ending GUTTED me. Devastated. I may not get out of bed tomorrow sad. Yet hope endures. 

The world of Mythos, even with evil Reapers and a freed Loki, feels like home.  I relish every word of this series and cannot wait, seriously CAN.NOT. (hint, hint) to find out what happens next. 

Overall: A

Crimson Frost is out now from Kensington Publishing. Get your copy here!

e-Galley provided gratis by Kensington Publishing via Netgalley.

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