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Thursday, October 7

When I Read Adult Things I Like to Read…

Haunt Me Still- Jennifer Lee Carrell

OK let me preface this review by saying if you haven’t read her first book, Interred with their Bones you need to go read it.  Like right now.  No, seriously, go get it. 

Jennifer Lee Carrell is utterly brilliant as a writer with plot twists you never see coming.  I mean, we’re talking way better than Dan Brown since the subject of her books is occult Shakespeare not conspiracy theorist religion.  Additionally, Kate Stanley could take Robert Langdon any day of the week.  Carrell is capable of some stunning prose to boot.

Haunt Me Still is the second installment with our leading lady Kate Stanley.  This novel centers around the Scottish Play, Macbeth, its curse, murders and ritual magic.  LOVES IT. 

You should read this book if:

1. You like Shakespeare.

2. You like mysteries, thrillers, suspense, historical fiction or action adventures.

3. You like anything Scottish.

4. You have even a budding interest in language or linguistics—particularly Anglo- Saxon, Welsh, Gaelic. (I’m looking at you Leslie!)

5. You enjoy well written books with fantastic plot arcs and beautiful prose (that’s you Hal!).

6. Cause I said so.  Clearly the most compelling of the reasons!

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