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Wednesday, April 14

Bite Me!

Melissa Francis’ Bite Me! is not just another vampire story.  I mean it is a vampire story, but she creates a clever and intricate history which AJ Ashe must discover.  I liked AJ, but I loved Ryan.  They like each other, but then their parents marry and well, it is a southern cliche to hook up with your sibling, right?  Meanwhile, antics ensue left and right with death, lying, and crazy, prophesy-weilding scrolls.  And all this in the course of a week! 

I can’t wait to see the mystery continue to unfold in her new book, Love Sucks! out this year.   

Overall: A

Soundtrack Song: “Sweet Southern Moon”, Benjy Davis Project.

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Friday, December 25

Evernight Series

Finally a book that surprised me!  It has been quite a while since a plot twist snuck up on me.  That is why I give a resounding endorsement to Evernight by Claudia Gray. 

Characters: Not only did I immediately connect with the protagonist, Bianca, but I stayed connected with her throughout the twists and turns of the entire novel.  She isn’t whiney, she isn’t afraid of decisions although they may be difficult, she has both brains and heart.  Additionally, I love both the male leads.  Have I found book heaven or what?

Plot: As stated above, it surprised me and frankly that makes this one extraordinary book.  There were two twists, one which I suspect and another that blindsided me.

Writing: Strong, but typical for age group and genre.

Overall: A + +

The Sequel: Stargazer

Characters: as lovable and fallible as ever

Plot: Not as clever as the first book’s plot twist, but still a great twist nonetheless.

Writing: same same.

Soundtrack Song: Addison Road, “All That Matters

Overall: A

Frankly, I cannot wait for the next book in the series! This hasn’t happened since Harry Potter/Twilight.


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