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Tuesday, November 16

Scorch Trials will test everything that you are. Remember WICKED is good.

Scorch Trials- James Dashner

Let me preface this by saying, Dashner’s books are amazing.  They have a great plot, good writing, and clever characters.  However, holy hades is this book exhausting to read!  The plot is so great because like the characters we have no idea what trial is ahead, what the next Variable will be, or who else will die.  Like Thomas and Teresa, we are in the dark when it comes to the full picture.  Is WICKED really good?  What the heck are these patterns for? 

Just when you think you know what’s going on, something new and completely unexpected happens.  It’s insane but in the most delightful way possible.  I may be exhausted mentally, emotionally, and physically-a state that mirrors the characters’ own-but I wouldn’t change it for anything.  No book has kept me on the edge of my seat as much as this one has…and I read a lot of books kids.  So, if you are into adventure, action, distopian novels, sci-fi, or just generally good reads pick up the Maze Runner and Scorch Trials ASAP.

Overall: A+

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