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Monday, December 31

Real Mermaids

Real Mermaids Don’t Need High Heels- by Hélène Boudreau

Real Mermaids Don’t Need High Heels is the third book in the Real Mermaids series. I will say that it most certainly helps if you have read the first two books before reading this one; there is quite a bit of back-story and character connections that make much more sense if you read the series in order. I thought THIS book, however, was adorable. Jade has quite a bit of gumption for a fish out of water (pun intended). The friendships are strong throughout the book but in particular between Jade and Cori, the romantic entanglements age appropriate and the high school nerves accurate for the new freshmen. While I was skeptical of the ability of a 14 year old to spearhead and complete a revolution in a day, I relished Jade’s time on land navigating the problems of high school dances, school elections, sports teams and the big dance.  I would highly recommend this series for pre-teen and early teen readers interested in mermaids or just looking for a fun, silly, easy read.

Overall: A-

Real Mermaid’s Don’t Need High Heels is out from Sourcebooks on February 1st . Pre-order your copy here.

E-galley provided gratis by Sourcebooks via Netgalley 

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