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Friday, December 14

Politics Has NEVER Been More Interesting

Georgetown Academy by Jessica Koosed Etting and Alyssa Embree Schwartz

I don’t even know where to start with Georgetown Academy apart from the fact that I wish I could have gone to school there. Think Gossip Girl meets D.C. politics. Yes and yes and yes! The story rotates among several characters all with parents in politicians in D.C. This group of elite, privileged students function as much on scandal and PR spin as they do on fashion. Did you just die a little because I did. The clothes! DEAR GOD THE CLOTHES! They only thing hotter than the fashion is the rumors and maybe a certain makeout scene. Ellie is my favorite character with her sweet nature and torn heart. Evan is the budding journalist and the will she/wont she sell her best friend up the river for her big break question is gripping! Brinley is the resident mean girl and while she might be a self-important, queen bee she manages to run GA but not her own life well. Even I feel a bit bad for her. Taryn is the naive new girl and most certainly a threat to the existing social order. The boys too run the gamut from good, to bad, to gay, to douchey. I sincerely couldn’t get enough of this tangled web they have weaved. I immediately bought Book 2. Georgetown Academy is the perfect read to keep you busy while waiting for Santa to arrive so get it now!

Overall: A

Georgetown Academy is out now from Coliloquy. Get your copy here!

eGalley provided gratis via Coliloquy.

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