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Monday, November 26

Alice in Zombieland

Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter

Firstly, let me apologize that a hurricane got in the way of this post going live. So forgive the Halloween reference.

With Halloween rapidly approaching, I was craving a good creepy read. What’s creepier than zombies? Nothing. But seriously, rotting flesh: gross. I was so happy that I chose Alice in Zombieland because frankly I’m OBSESSED. I love the way that Showalter has taken aspects of the traditional Wonderland story and twisted them to fit into this world. The white rabbit and Kat are two that spring to mind. Alice Bell is way cooler than the original Alice, though with they share the same curiousity. She’s kick ass, stubborn, witty, smart, and yet vulnerable, kind and emotional. Her counter-part, one Mr. Cole Holland, is tough, strong, did I mention HOT yet? He is definitely well matched by Alice. I really, really enjoyed their story though I’m worried Showalter is going to make us readers jump through some flaming hoops before we’ll get to have a happy ending for these two. I cannot believe I need to wait an entire year for the next book!

Overall: A

Alice in Zombieland is available now. Get your copy here.

ARC proviceded gratis by Harlequin Teen.

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