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Friday, October 26

The Gleaning

The Gleaning- Heidi R. Kling

Witch’s Brew (Spellspinner’s 1) left us with a steamy and heart-wrenching cliffhanger. Well, The Gleaning picks up right where we left off. And thank goodness for that because things are getting SERIOUSLY questionable in Melas County. On the eve of the gleaning, Logan and Lily struggle to not only trust each other but to figure out their parts in the world around them and this fated prophesy. Kling does a great job of endearing Logan and Lily to the reader and frankly her breathtaking romance scenes can’t be beat. This book is full of treachery and betrayals, which balances the romantic passion perfectly. There is something magic about their story, and not in a witchy way. I find myself bespelled with a compulsion here to read: to find out what happens to them, to see them safe and together, to see witches and warlocks brought back together. With more twists and turns than Witch’s Brew, The Gleaning had me on the edge of my seat to find out what would happen next. I still totally love the reader choice options that is the foundation of a Coliloquy title. The book is perfectly timed for Halloween too since we could all use some sexy magic as the witching hour approaches. The Gleaning has finally arrived and just like last time, we are left with a cliffhanger ending. I don’t know what will happen to Lily and Logan, but I know one thing for sure, I’m going to keep reading.
Overall: A
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